My First Day Off

Well today is Tuesday and it is much better than the Monday that we had. It is also my first day off and I only just started working yesterday! I do work tomorrow morning though and am excited to go back, and hopefully I will find that I did not forget everything they taught me yesterday. I enjoyed my first day as a receptionist, and I feel that I caught on pretty quickly, though I did mess up a few things as new people normally do. I will be working in the kennels a little also, until another employee gets back from the holiday break.

The mailbox has not been knocked down since yesterday…yet! We are hoping that people are through messing with it for at least a little while. Also very good news is that our computer is still working since Kody got it to boot up last night! I would have cried I think if all the pictures that are irreplaceable had been lost. Other documents did not worry me so much, but pictures can not be retaken! I believe that Kody backed a lot of things up last night as well, but I am still scared to turn the computer off anymore!

I have done a little updating to the website this afternoon. I wrote some, though am not finished with, Kristopher’s and my profile. I also deleted my wishlist, because it is not accurate and I am trying to delete it totally from their website as well, but can not remember my password. If anyone needs ideas for me, just ask.

I hope everyone is having lots of fun getting ready for the holidays. I know I am and so is Kristopher! He just loves the tree and all the snowmen and Santa Claus’ around our house! Hope you are enjoying our site as well! We are trying to get newer pictures up, but as is the way of our house we are busy and the ‘thing’ doesn’t work!!

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