Happy New Year!

Although it is already January 2, I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope life is proceeding wonderfully for everyone.

We all had a wonderful Christmas and are having a Happy New Year! I think we all recieved just about what we wanted and we thank you all for everything! Now we just have to prepare for 2 birthdays. As many of you know Kody and Kristopher will be celebrating their birthdays on January 15. Kody will be 24 and Kristopher will be 2 years old (or 24 months)!!

I wanted to update everyone on what I am doing as well. I have been accepted to Murray State as a graduate student, but have decided not to start the program right now. If I am taking the planned class, it would be hard for me to get full time hours at work and I am supposed to be providing the majority of our family income while Kody finishes school. This will hopefully not be too far off in the future! I may start in the fall or next spring, but need to concentrate on working and being a Mommy for right now. I will be in Frankfort, KY on January 15 and 16 to take the National Veterinary Technician Examination (NVTE). Everyone please think about me and pray that I pass it! I’m starting to get very nervous about it.

I hope once again that everyone is okay. Check out our Photographs section. We are uploading photos as fast as possible. There are several new batches!

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