Beautiful Spring

I guess I really need to write on the website more. So much has happened in the last few weeks (& months.) Hopefully I can remember most of it to tell here!

First, for those of you who do not know, we are expecting a baby…again. This time, PRAISE God, everything is going just fine and I am already 3 1/2 months along. We are very excited, though trying to figure out how we will fit into such a small home without going mad!! My due date is October 4th, as Kody wrote earlier. On May 10th we will be able to find out if we are having a boy or a girl, in my ultrasound. I have already been going crazy with the waiting. I want to know NOW!! Either way it will be wonderful, just the not knowing is hard for me…I don’t like to wait for things. Kristopher tells us he is excited too, but lately he has become more clingy to me and won’t sleep in his own bed anymore and doesn’t want to share ‘Mommy” with anyone. That is a little stressful at times, but hopefully this will get a little better before October.

Speaking of Kristopher, he is doing great. He seems to get some kind of owie every day, since we are outside so much. He takes most of them very well, but splinters are very hard on all of us. He doesn’t like to have them taken out…and screams at the top of his lungs to let us know. Even being stung by a wasp was nothing compared to a splinter! We were cleaning up the yard some a couple of weeks ago and he took his shoes and socks off and started walking around in the grass. Within a few minutes he was crying, because he had been stung on the foot. Luckily it didn’t swell too much and he bounced back quickly. After about 10 minutes he was ready to play again (this time with shoes). I was amazed; I probably would have been done outside for the day after being stung. He will still show it to you and tell you it hurt badly, but now he does want to have shoes on when he is outside.
I don’t know if we posted this previously, but Kristopher has been learning to sing his alphabet and can do it pretty well now. He also can count to ten almost on his own (he likes to skip 7.) Now we are trying to teach him his left and right. He is getting better at coloring as well…he doesn’t stay in the lines yet, but he understands that he is supposed to try and stay in the lines of a picture and he tries! We are also trying to potty train, STILL. For a while he was scared of the potty and wouldn’t go near it. Now he will use it sometimes and acts like he really wants to use it, but the rest of the time he doesn’t tell me he needs to go and if I ask if he wants to he says no a lot of the time. We have promised him a bicycle (a little one) when he can use the potty all the time…but he of course wants the potty now…after going once or twice!

I am in a Mom’s Group, here in Murray. We get together once a week and talk, while the kids play. Right now we are reading and discussing the book ‘The Mission of Motherhood’ by Sally Clarkson. It is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to any mom who stays at home or wants to. It is good no matter what you do, but is geared toward the Stay-at-Home Mom. I am very happy that I decided to stay home, finally. This was definitely a change in my BIG plans. I am still glad that I finished college and I am very proud of my degree. But after working for a few months, I saw the changes at home, and they weren’t good. Now that I am home, Kristopher is doing so much better and everything that needs to be done here gets done. It is a little hard on Kody and I sometimes, since he is working and going to school now, but this way is much easier than the way it was. I have learned that once you have kids, your views on a lot of things change. Things that didn’t matter before or that wouldn’t have bothered me (or that I could ignore), are now things that need to be kept away from my family. I notice a lot more about the world now, that I didn’t before, which makes it hard some days to go anywhere outside my home.

We have been going to a new church for a couple of weeks – Westside Baptist Church, in Murray. It is about 20 minutes from our house. We are enjoying it so far and Kristopher actually asks to go to church. We are very happy to be going there. Hopefully we will find things to get involved in. It is a larger church and they have lots of activities. The people there have been very friendly and helpful. So pray that we will make the right decision about continuing to go there and joining.

I have started sewing more, lately, because of some help and encouragement from a good friend, Susie. I have made a purse and tote bag and am working on a couple of quilted bags. The next thing I am going to try is a canvas diaper bag for the baby. Hopefully after that I can learn how to do curtains! I also do a lot of painting. I have been painting some keepsake boxes and working on door hangers. I know several other people who are having babies right now and I am trying to get baby gifts made! My grandmother is also going to try and get some yarn and needles and instructions to me, so I can relearn how to knit. Hopefully I will like it better this time and be able to make some nice things that way too.

The last news I have, I guess, is that we have been getting the yard cleaned up a little…it needs a lot more work. I have been trying to get the flower boxes around the porch ready for planting flowers and tomatoes, which is hard work since no one has touched them for years! They are already looking better though and I am almost ready to plant things. Kody has gotten both the riding mower and the push mower working and he mowed the grass this week. It looks much better as well! The only bad thing about being outside (which is where we spend most of our time lately) is the carpenter bees that have decided that they love our porch. I don’t think they have bored into it, but they follow us around and are loud little things. Luckily, the males don’t have stingers and the females only use theirs if you are attacking them. After finding this out we were much less worried about being stung. Now they just get on our nerves! But for the most part, being outside is enjoyable and since we have been having such beautiful weather, it gets too warm in the house to stay in here!

Well I think I have typed enough for now…probably enough for everyone who is reading anyway!! Hope all is well everywhere! Have a beautiful spring

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