Baby Girl

For those of you who don’t know yet, we found out last month that we are having a baby girl! We are very excited and have been doing lots of shopping and window shopping. I have been getting dress patterns and trying to pick out the diaper bag I want to make and fun things like that. I have also gone through all of Kristopher’s clothes to pick out what I can use. Tiffany, my sister, had a baby boy a 4 weeks ago and we are trading clothes, since she has girl clothes and I have boy clothes. It is exciting to be having a girl this time, even though I love little boys! She moves all the time, it seems and does her hardest kicking and punching when I am trying to go to sleep! I feel great though and am having a much better time with this pregnancy than the last. So far I am only 3 pounds heavier than when I started, though I do have a big belly already. The doctors say that I am measuring fine and that she looked fine on the Ultrasound. For those of you who are interested we have 2 baby registries. One is at Target and the other is at Babies R’ Us. We just registered for a few items that we would like to have or will need.

Kristopher is gone fishing with Kody & Barry right now. They are having lots of fun, I’m sure! Kody and Barry went this morning too and caught some small fish and a turtle and then picked Kristopher up after lunch.

My mom’s group is going really well. Everyone is really encouraging and it is great to be part of a group. It helps that two of the other moms are pregnant right now too. We aren’t doing a book this summer and it is fun to just hang out and watch the kids play.

Suzie and I are talking about doing a one on one bible study together this summer. The past couple of years we have done one in a group at her house and really enjoyed it. It will be nice to get to do another one this year. I love to do studies in small groups. It is hard for me to talk in large groups since I am so shy!

In case anyone is curious, I planted tomato plants and a pepper plant this year and they are getting huge. 3 of my tomato plants already have tomatoes on them and I am so excited! I hope that I have lots of good ones:) I can eat tomatoes every day and not get tired of them. My flowers are also nice, but I just need to plan better next time, so that my plants and flowers aren’t so crowded! This is my first year of really “gardening”, so I am learning a lot.

Not much else is new in Murray. Kody is still working at Briggs & Stratton and just turned in his request for a shift change. He is going to, hopefully, get switched to the week for 3 days and be able to get overtime on the weekends for the summer. Then in the fall he will have class again and be able to go to church on the weekends! We finally got our air conditioner too. Kody’s dad came over and put it in for us right before it got really hot here, so we are very thankful for that.

I have put a little something on my webpage finally.

I hope everyone is having a great summer:)

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