Sewing Right Along

I have been updating my Creations page as I get things finished. There are several new projects listed there. Some don’t have pictures yet, because I am not sure how to get them into the album. Hopefully, Kody will help me with that soon! I have gotten a few bids on things I am trying to sell on eBay, unfortunately none of them have been on my bags.

I have also started trying to teach myself to knit. If you look at the baby scarf on the ‘Creations’ page you will see my first project. I have started a baby blanket now, that will be peach and white striped. The knitting part isn’t the problem, but I have a horrible time casting on and making the first row look good. It looks bubbly and not tight enough. When I see my mom next, I will hopefully find out if I am casting on wrong or if I am just too picky! Even with the first row looking strange the scarf and blanket don’t look too bad. I just need practice and a few directions from an actual person. My grandmother sent me boxes of needles, patterns, yarn and other knitting stuff, but unfortunately she lives too far away and I don’t know if I could understand directions over the phone any better than pictures. She made some beautiful things, but unfortunately can no longer knit because of arthritis among other things.

I am quickly approaching age 24, but don’t even feel as though my birthday is close! It is Sunday, so I share it with Father’s Day this year. I am not sure if I will get to celebrate on my birthday or another day. Kody has to work unless he is still too sick (not a very fun Father’s Day for him either.)

Anyway, that’s all I have for now! I have to go take Kody to the doctor in a little while, so that hopefully we can find out why he feels so miserable. I will try to let everyone know how he is on the family weblog later tonight.

More again soon!

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