Sickness All Around

If you read my post at yesterday and were worried about Kody, here’s an update. I took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon, because he had had a headache and fever since Monday night without relief. Then Wednesday night he started vomiting and feeling even worse. It turns out that he has a viral infection and will be fine eventually. The doctor gave him some medicine to get rid of the pain in his head and some to keep him from feeling so nauseous. He has been taking the medicine and staying in bed, so hopefully he will feel better soon!

Kristopher has been sick most of the week as well. Last Friday night he had really bad diarrhea (if you want to know) that lasted until Monday, though he ate and drank like nothing was wrong! That gave him a really bad diaper rash, since we are still potty training and he wouldn’t use the potty to do that. But something good has come from that rash. Kristopher has started to actually poop and pee in the BIG potty more. We are so proud and excited. Unfortunately he still forgets and goes in the pull up some, but he is trying! Anyway, he was fine for a day and then Wednesday afternoon he had a fever and started throwing up too. Luckily that didn’t last long either and he seems to be fine now. We’ll see what happens today…

So far I have managed not to get sick with whatever it is the two of them have. Hopefully I can keep it that way, since it doesn’t look like fun.

Hope everyone, everywhere else is fine. Have a great week!

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