The Declaration of Independence

I want to start out today by talking about the Declaration of Independence. I was listening to the radio on the way to the Mom’s Coffee on Friday, and with the Fourth of July coming up they were discussing Founding Fathers. Since I was listening to the Christian station that I normally do, they were talking about how our nation was founded by religious, if not Christian men, who did not want church and state separation. Anyway, to make a long story short, they were showing examples in many documents from the time that had references to God and ‘our creator’. Then one of the speakers told about how a middle school teacher in California (I forget the name of the town) was told that he could not teach about the Declaration of Independence because of these references. He was also told that he could not teach about several other historical documents because of these same things. How are kids going to know about our history if the teachers are not allowed to teach the correct material? Why is everyone so anxious to get God out of schools and public places? This just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I just had to get that out…

Now for the good news! I have sold 3 of my handmade bags on eBay and some other items. One of the bags that I have sold was a special order from another ebayer. I will get a picture of it put on this website as soon as possible.

Also, for those of you who haven’t noticed, I made a separate page for the baby items that I make. This way I can give them a different name and have less items on a page (for now). I am still working on the baby blanket for our baby girl and it is turning out very pretty. It has the funny first row, but the next things I make won’t. My friend, Suzie, and I got together and she showed me how she learned to cast on…and it works!! I’m very excited. Today I am going to work on that blanket some and try to start on a knitting bag for myself. I have realized that I really need to get sewing and knitting though, because I have tons of gifts that I need to get made soon! Hopefully I will get them done in time for all the babies and birthdays:)

Everybody is finally well again here. I have been feeling a little funny the last couple of days, but not sick. The baby has been kicking and punching me a lot harder and sometimes in some funny places. She still likes to do all this mostly when I am ready to go to sleep! Last night was really bad, and I didn’t get much sleep because of her kicking and just being uncomfortable. I like to sleep on my stomach and it doesn’t work so well now…

Hope everyone has a great week:)

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