New News

Well, if you haven’t been to my site in awhile, you have probably noticed that there are some big changes. Kody helped me change the whole site into posts instead of pages and now it looks a little better and instead of going to a page to find what you want you just pick the category or look at everything! I also added a page about the site and there is a contact me page. The pages are now at the top of the site.

I have been knitting a lot and have made 2 hats from a pattern that my Grandmother sent. They are really cute and I will post them soon. I made them to go with the blankets that I am working on for babies! They match perfectly. I am starting to think that I will never get done with the blankets (at least not until after the babies are born) :)

On the subject of babies…My friend Suzie (and Bill & Boaz) had Lillian on Monday afternoon. She is a beautiful little girl and they are all doing great! I added a link to Suzie’s website under the links in the sidebar. There will probably be a picture of Lillian soon, if you are interested.

I have sold a few more items on ebay, unfortunately the bags and doll hats don’t seem to be very popular right now. I am also trying to sell some tupperware and it is not going real fast. Hopefully they will be bid on before they are over though!

I don’t have much other news for now. I am doing alright, I just can’t do much without feeling like I will collapse. I get so tired. Our baby girl is getting bigger and bigger and feels like she is taking up all the room already! At my next appointment I will schedule my c-section and then we will know what day she will be born, unless she comes early! The doctors don’t think she will, but if she decides to they will just go ahead and do the c-section then. We have been getting quite a few tomatoes from our plants, but they aren’t the best tomatoes. Maybe next year they will be better. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I haven’t been weeding them much either, so they don’t look as pretty and well kept as they did at the start of summer :(

Anyway, I hope that all is well where ever you are! Let me know how you like the new format of the site!

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