Preemie/Newborn 100% Cotton Hat

This is the same hat pattern as the rose and blue ones. I got some 100% cotton yarn to try out and I wanted to have a cute hat for our little girl to wear home from the hospital that wasn’t too warm for the end of September. This color is called Orange Sherbet and is made by Peaches and Cream! I love the names. Anyway, I had to make the pattern TONS smaller because my first try with the cotton yarn and this pattern made a huge hat that fits Kristopher (who is 3 1/2 years old). Needless to say the hat will not fit a baby. Unfortunately the hat is big enough around, but is not long enough for him to wear. He has requested one just like it that is long enough though, so I am working on it now. I like the cotton yarn, and it helps me to keep my stitches looser, because it is hard to pull it tighter. It shrinks a little, but makes a really nice looking item. I want to try a couple of washcloths with this yarn too. I have some of the sherbet left over to use for one.

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