Blue Baby Blanket

08-13-05 Blue Baby Blanket - Folded (1)08-13-05 Blue Baby Blanket (1)

I finally finished the Blue Blanket! I made up the pattern myself after looking at several blankets and I thought it would be pretty with the stripes. It turned out really well. There are a few mistakes throughout, but I’m not telling where! It is a little too wide, which makes it not long enough. It is almost a square, but still very pretty. It does look wonderful with the blue ear flap hat, which is great, since they were supposed to match! I am going to try a little bit different with the rose colored one. It took me about a month to do this one from start to finish, while working on other things, so I probably won’t be able to make tons of them, but I will make more :) I hope you like it!

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