Just a short note

I wanted to let everyone know that I heard back from the doctor’s office yesterday about my anemia profile. They said that the iron supplement that I am taking twice a day will be sufficient to cover what I need. The only other problem is that my vitamin B12 is a little low as well and they will give me a shot at my next appointment. I am not looking forward to that! I am still not feeling much more energetic, but I am sure that I will soon; part of it is that I am carrying a baby around all the time!

Kody and I did get to go to Hanonoki for our anniversary, we went Saturday instead of Thursday. It was a great meal, as usual. We also got to do a little shopping while in Paducah, which was nice. Unfortunately, we still didn’t find the baby a coming home outfit. We didn’t find anything great for Kristopher either. We were, however, able to find Kody a few new clothes for school. He was very excited and he will look great when school starts tomorrow! By the time we were done shopping, I was exhausted and had blisters on my feet, but it was worth it. I haven’t gotten to go to Paducah to shop since January, which was starting to get depressing. Hopefully I will get to go again before next January!

I hope that everyone everywhere is happy and well :) Bye bye for now!

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