Update on books

As many of you know, Kody’s and my anniversary was last Thursday. He got me the book that I wanted so badly, Great Knitted Gifts! I got to return the library’s copy, so someone else can be amazed! Anyway, I am still working on a couple of the projects in the book and will post them as soon as I get done. Some of my wool yarn arrived and the first skein took me forever to roll into a ball because it tangled into a million knots. I think it took me about 6 hours and instead of one nice ball, I have 6 small ones. It is still beautiful though and definitely usable. Anyway, for the next skein I got smart and hung it around my neck so it wouldn’t get tangled! It worked so much better :)

Kody and I had a great time on our anniversary. We went to Paducah and ate dinner at Hanonoki, a Japanese Steakhouse that Kody loves and I like too. The food was great as usual and the cooks are very entertaining! I actually ate a fillet mignon and of course shrimp. For those of you who don’t know me, I haven’t been eating red meat, but at my last doctor appointment my iron was very low, so I thought I would try a steak (since it was a fancy restaurant and we had a gift certificate ;) ) It was very good and I think maybe I can handle an occasional bit of red meat…but not ground beef. The smell of it makes me feel very sick. Anyway, enough about my strange eating habits!

I hope that everyone is doing well.

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