Getting There

It seems as my c-section date approaches, I get less and less done! I am currently working on 3 knitting projects and have a huge stack of sewing projects to start. I haven’t been spending as much time as I was on any of it though. I am too busy staring at baby toys and clothes and getting the house ready for a new baby :) I am certainly ready now to have her home with us and really she could come anytime! Kristopher was born at 36 weeks, which I have already passed this time. If I haven’t said before, my c-section is scheduled for September 28, which is only a little over 2 weeks away now.

Since this website is for all the things I have made, I guess I should talk a little about those! I added 3 new posts today and will add one more as soon as I find the missing ball. Suzie taught me how to increase a couple of days ago and I finished my first baby rattle/ball yesterday. Kristopher has already hidden it. He was having lots of fun playing with it yesterday afternoon and now it is nowhere to be found (which is usually how things work around here ;) ) I added 3 hats that have actually been done for awhile, they have just been stacked in a corner until today! Hopefully everyone will see something they like…

I am currently working on my rose colored baby blanket (yes, still) and am almost halfway through with it. Maybe it will be done by the time it is cold enough to use it. I also am working on a grape colored mohair blend ribbed scarf, which I think it really pretty. It is not very far along yet, but I love the yarn! I also am working on an 80% wool sportweight hat. It is a multi colored yarn in nice autumn earthtones. The hat is the adult size ribbed hat found in Great Knitted Gifts (the book I can’t stop talking about.) Both of these items will most likely be for sale when I finish them, so if anyone is interested check back or let me know.

Speaking of selling things; my ebay auctions have been going really great lately and I have cleared out a lot of things that we no longer needed! I have put all of my selling on hold until after the baby is born, so that no one else has to mess with it while I am in the hospital. After we are back home, I should be able to start selling again. Check the auctions out again in October :)

I don’t have any other news today. Keep checking all of our websites. As soon as our baby girl is born we should have some pictures up on the family photo gallery. Everyone have a great week!

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