It’s Been A Long Time Baby…

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!!! I have not gotten much knitting or sewing done since my last post, but I will list the projects that I did finish today. I have also uploaded several pictures to our photo gallery, just click the link to the right :) You will find several new ones under our 2005 Favorites and in a new album titled Taylor 2005. I am still trying to add more to our favorites, since a few months got skipped in there. Plus I added the projects to the Tabitha’s Creations folder!

12-14-05 Our Christmas Tree (2)

We have been busy, busy, busy, trying to get ready for Christmas. With a new baby around it is a lot more difficult and things that seem like they should only take a few minutes DON’T! We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with an all veggie cast! Then the day after, while all the crazies were out shopping (I wish I could say that I had been one of the crazies ;) ) we put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I have only been shopping once so far, which is a record low for me during this season, but it was fun. Taylor doesn’t really like to shop yet and Kristopher gets tired of it pretty quick now too. We are very excited about Christmas this year and celebrating Christ’s Birth! It makes me very sad to see and hear what people are trying to do to Christmas.

We are going to be running all over for the next couple of weeks it seems! This weekend we will be in Louisville visiting my Dad & Aunt & Family. Then we have all the Myers’ Christmas celebrations in Murray and on New Years weekend we hope to be visiting my Mom & Sister in Illinois. I’m sure we will all have lots of fun visiting and hopefully will not be hurrying so much that we don’t enjoy ourselves!

12-08-05 Taylor Smiling (1)

Taylor is doing great! She is almost 3 months old now and is so much bigger than she was at birth! She is not doing anything exciting (to most people) yet. She just likes to sit with me all day. She has started smiling though and has a beautiful one :) She is very attached to ‘Mommy’ though and has a terrible habit of not letting me get anything done during the day. I am enjoying just holding her though and who cares if the house is spotless anyway? No one looks at anything but her when they come over!

11-25-05 Kristopher Breathing (2)

Kristopher is also doing wonderfully right now. He is very excited about Christmas and has already opened one of his presents. Okay, so he saw the bag before I wrapped them, and then knew what he was getting and so picked it out from under the tree and opened it. I should have hidden them better before wrapping them! He had a little trouble with his allergies and asthma again in November. We had to do breathing treatments (see picture) for a few weeks and now he is on Zyrtec until the doctor says to stop it. He had an asthma attack and after they started him on a few medications he had an allergic reaction to something (most likely one of the meds) and we had to go to the emergency room, because it was that bad. But now he is all better and hasn’t had a problem since. If he has another reaction with the hives, etc we are going to have him allergy tested, which I hear is not fun for anyone, let alone a small child! We are just hoping that the Zyrtec keeps him from having any problems, for awhile anyway. It also seems we have quite the little artist, in Kristopher. He loves to draw and color and paint, as well as listen to and sing songs!

Well I can’t think of much else for now, and Taylor has just decided to wake up from her nap! I’ll post the other things later. Everyone have a wonderful day :)

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