‘Tis the Season

12-01-05 Kristopher & Taylor (1)

Hello Everyone!!
I just wanted to post a cute picture of Kristopher and Taylor in their Christmas Garb! I think they look great in this picture :) Kody did the taking, in case you want to know!

We are very excited about Christmas this year and feel like it is all going by too fast. It seems like the month of December is just dissapearing. Today I have been trying to bake cookies all day, and I have acomplished about half of what I wanted to, so far! We are eating them way too fast though.

To read more about what has been happening with the kids, check out my personal webpage. I posted some news there yesterday!

In case I don’t get to write again before then: I hope that you all have a beautiful, blessed Christmas remembering the birth of our Savior and spending time with your friends and family.

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