Christmas Tote

12-23-05 Christmas Tote  - Front

I made this bag for a Chinese auction at one of our family gatherings! I really wanted to make something for it this year and I think it turned out very cute! This is the first time I have actually done as the pattern said to! I sewed the corners to make it a square, boxy looking bag. This is the same pattern as the tote/diaper bags that I make. I wasn’t so sure if the fabric would look good as a bag, but I really like it! Maybe I’ll make another one for myself (like I need another bag myself ;) ). I also added a little button to the front pocket on this one. I had cute little ceramic mitten buttons hanging around, that I bought a few years ago; so I finally used one. It has one inside pocket and a magnetic snap closure. To see the inside go here. Hope you like it!

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