Diaper & Wipes Pouch

01-23-06 Diaper & Wipes Pouch - Front (1)01-23-06 Diaper & Wipes Pouch - BackThis is a quick little project that Suzie and I had been talking about trying and I found a pattern earlier today! It was very easy to make, though my first one is not perfect. I used black and white flowery fabric for the outside and white for the lining. I also added a pocket to the back, that goes almost the length of the pouch and insted of using velcro for the flap, I used a magnetic snap. I think I need a little work on my snap placement and I need to use different thread, but overall it is cute. I would like to try to alter the pattern so that the flap is on the long side and I want to add a little clutch strap to one side with the pocket in the back still. Maybe I can find some plastic snaps and I could use 2 of them on the long flap. Then it could be the “diaper clutch”!! What does everyone think? Let me know :)

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