Funky Chunky Garter Stitch Scarves Come in Pairs…

02-20-06 Garter Scarves (2)

Some of you know that I was making Erica a scarf for Christmas… Some of you know that scarf wasn’t finished in time… And some of you know I finally finished it… Here it is!!

Also in the picture is a scarf made for myself last week. Mine is the gray, pink & white one and Erica’s is the purple. The purple yarn is some grape mostly Mohair yarn that is skinny and next to impossible for me to knit with. Finally I gave up on the intricate pretty scarf I wanted to make her (after tearing it out and starting over 4 times) and doubled the yarn on big 10.5 US needles! I worked a lot quicker that way, even though I prefer working on smaller needles! My scarf is made from some chunky furry no boundaries yarn from Wal-Mart just because I’ve not made myself anything yet and I decided I wanted a furry scarf ;)

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