Stuff I Finished and Never Posted

I have been slacking lately, so you haven’t seen much! I finally decided that I need to update my site…

First, I finished some cute high chair pads for Taylor’s chair back in February. I made them with more of the beautiful toile that Suzie gave me. The navy and light blue match with our kitchen linens very nicely. The pads are simple rectangles with several layers of quilt batting in between. Taylor likes sitting on them, but so far she doesn’t like cereal (AT ALL!)

02-20-06 High Chair Pads (1)

Next up is a little purse/bag that I made from an old sweater and some denim material. I call it the ‘Favorite Outfit’ Bag. It was meant to have the sweater material on the outside, but when I finished it I found that the bag is reversible and actually looks better with the denim on the ouside. The bag has one pocket made from the sweater cuff, on the denim side. It is a cute little bag. Maybe I will sell it next winter.

02-22-06 Favorite Outfit Bag02-23-06 The other side of the Favorite Outfit bag

Last, for this post anyway, is a simple hat. It is made from Off White Simply Soft Acrylic and Grape Mohair (same as the funky chunky garter stitch scarf). I used one strand of each throughout the hat. It has a rib cuff and the rest is done in stockinette stitch. A very easy quick hat, knit on size 10.5US needles. I gave it to my sister, Erica, since she loved it after seeing it!

03-06-06 Acrylic-Mohair Hat (1)
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