Turning Japanese…I really think so

This is another of the short sleeved wrap sweaters from the book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. These are so pretty and knit up pretty quickly. I used a very nice 80% Alpaca 20% Silk yarn in Sapphire (Peruvian Collection Baby Silk – Elann) on size 2US needles. Instead of making a ribbon tie on this one I added 2 metal snaps and put a cute little blue bow on the front. It is so soft and pretty. To match this kimono type top I made some silky Asian print pants. They are royal blue and have a large flowery design on them. The blues don’t match exactly, but they are close enough to be cute. I will post a pic of Taylor wearing the outfit tomorrow!

I bought some other silky type material to make another pair of pants to match, but haven’t done them yet. Right now I am working on a dress for Taylor (my first difficult sewing task). It is a khaki/off white color and has beautiful khaki and rose colored butterflies and flowers. I hope it works out right. So far I have most of the bodice part done, but I think the skirt is going to be tricky. Hopefully I’ll have it posted this weekend! In knitting news…I am still trying to get motivated to finish Kody’s hat and the wool bag strap. Maybe one of these days…

I hope everyone is doing great! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve talked to some of you ~ we’ve had a busy few weeks. Taylor was in the hospital with pneumonia March 12-15 and then 24 hours after we got home we were back at the doctor because she caught the flu. It wasn’t fun for any of us, but we trusted God and he got us through it. Now we are all better and enjoying the beautiful spring weather! It has been so nice this week that Kristopher and I are sunburned. Today I finally realized that we needed to wear hats and break out the sunscreen! I am ready for the spring and really hope it is here to stay this time as I am sure many of you are :) More tomorrow, maybe; Good night!

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