Baby Butterfly Dress – 6 Months

04-04-06 Butterfly Dress in the sun

I finished Taylor’s butterfly dress this morning! It is cute and doesn’t look too bad. It definitely wasn’t sewn by someone who knows what they are doing though…

The above picture was taken outside in the sun (I wanted you to be able to see the colors well.) To see another front view go here or to see the back go here.

Anyway, it is a size 6 months and I am happy with it for the most part. She will be wearing it lots since I worked so hard on it :) This fabric may be seen in a lot of my summer projects this year. I think it may be my favorite. Last year I had a white fabric with bright butterflies that I loved and this year it looks like it will be a khaki with pink butterflies (this comes with blue butterflies too and it isn’t that expensive)! Hope you like the dress. Look for a diaper bag or 2 soon and my various knitting projects.

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