Everything comes in pairs, lately :)

Okay, I guess I just like to make 2 of everything! These aren’t the same, but they are both diaper bags. I got excited and had plenty of fabric so I made 2 different ones. Let me know what you think :)

The first bag pictured is my own design, modeled after a bag that I found at PoshTots.com and thought was really great looking. I haven’t actually seen one of these in person, since they cost $130.00, but I think the bag is really nice and simple looking. I liked the boxy design with the cool pockets on the front, and the prints are neat too. Anyway, I used the pictures and sizes to make my own pattern and then got to work with some khaki wrinkleease fabric and more of the ‘amoeba’ sheets. I like the bag and think it turned out really well. I carried it to church with me tonight (and sadly didn’t get any comments on it…everyone was too busy looking at Taylor!) and it worked great. I do need a little practice, and possibly some instruction, on the top zipper. I’m not sure if I did it right, and it looks a little funny.

The bag has 2 large front pockets, a bottle pocket on each end, 3 diaper/wipes size pockets inside and a key holder. The top pf the bag closes with a zipper. The 2 handles are attached to the bag with metal rings for a neat look. The back of the bag is plain. The first picture is of the front of the bag, while the second is one of the inside views, showing off the key holder and most of the pockets.

04-19-06 Amoeba Diaper Bag - Front

04-19-06 Amoeba Diaper Bag - Key FOB & Pockets

The second bag is made using the ‘Nappy Bag’ pattern by Amy Butler. I thought this looked like a really fun bag to carry and it seems like it would be if it weren’t the size of half my body. I think I would look really funny carrying it, but I’m sure it would be nice for someone. It has the same khaki fabric for the outside with a butterfly cell phone pocket. I didn’t have any velcro for the pocket, so I used a ribbon to tie it closed. It is lined with the butterfly fabric (khaki and pink) and has 6 large pockets along the sides. The pattern had some bottle pockets to add to the sides, but I didn’t put them in. I thought they looked funny in the positions they were to go in. The bag is about 24″ long and can be worn either on the shoulder or across the body like a sling. It is pretty and I haven’t decided what to do with it…I may carry it even if I do look funny!

04-19-06 Nappy Bag (3)

04-19-06 Nappy bag - Inside (2)Both bags are supposed to have changing pads, and I have the materials, but they are going to have to wait for now. I am tired of sewing for a few days. I also finished another pair of pants (paisley) for Taylor. I don’t think I’ll post a picture, since you can see the fabric on here and they are the same simple pants I’ve already made several pairs of. Back to knitting now :)

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