Craziness starts with cozy eggs…

05-01-06 Egg Sweater

Ahem. Here is the second project from Weekend Knitting.

You know that you are starting to lose it when you knit wool sweaters for your eggs or your soap bottles (or anything else that doesn’t need a sweater, for that matter); but they are so cute that I couldn’t resist. I was really hoping that this sweater might fit a barbie when I was done, but I think I am going to have to work on that. It probably would fit a barbie, if you could get the neck hole over her head! It is adorable and although I had a few little problems, I will probably make tons of these…because everyone needs cozy eggs!!!

Sorry that my posts are not grammatically correct tonight; I’m very tired and maybe I’ll fix them sometime when I’m awake…or maybe I’ll just make another egg sweater :)

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