A Quarter of a Century

…has gone by since the day of my birth (plus a couple of days, now.) I can’t believe that I am 25 years old. It seems like yesterday that I was a child and now I really am “all grown up”!

06-19-06 Tabitha is 25!

I didn’t do anything really exciting to celebrate. I did get to have dinner at Red Lobster with my mom which was nice, since I rarely get to see her anymore. We also walked around the mall a bit and bought a few things…for the kids! This was okay you see, because my friend Suzie and I went shopping yesterday with the babies (a girl’s only day) and I bought some things for myself. You will see below, a picture of my “Birthday Yarn” plus last winter’s issue of Interweave Knits. I really want a ballet wrap sweater for myself and have been looking for a nice pattern. While shopping at The Guild in Paducah this jumped at me from the shelf. You will note the 3 balls of outrageously priced Noro Silk Garden in the picture; those also jumped ON me! I have wanted to see, touch, have some Noro Silk Garden for awhile now and it is very nice, but not something I could knit with all the time. Since it is so expensive I want to find the perfect thing to knit with it, for myself of course. If anyone has any ideas on a pattern they would be appreciated :) After shopping at the guild and having some ice cream downtown we watched the barges and tugboats on the river for a bit before heading to Old Navy & Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is where the rest of my “Birthday Yarn” was purchased and it was much more reasonable :) I have some pink cotton – planned for a baby hat; some navy cotton with a slightly chewed wrapper (Taylor promised to stay in the cart if I gave her something fun to play with, I got a funny look at the register) – for a dishcloth; some blue/purple Wool-Ease chunky – for a hat; and lastly, some Oatmeal Wool-Ease – because I wanted it.

06-21-06 birthday yarn and magazine

I also found a few great deals at Old Navy, but the yarn was clearly the highlight of the day. Of course it helped to have such great company for some fun birthday shopping. I am hoarse today from talking so much yesterday, but I had a ton of fun. I can’t wait to do it again!

I also want to show off the beautiful Tiger Lillies outside our Kitchen windows. I can’t take credit for them, since they were planted long ago by someone else and pretty much take care of themselves, but they are lovely and deserve to be on here.

06-21-06 Tiger Lillies from inside
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