No More Blogging for Now

Hey All…

I am tired of trying to keep this site updated with all that I make and I don’t really like the way that it is set up, so for now I will not be posting anything new. I do plan to get it set up how I want it sometime in the future, but just don’t have time right now with all that I have to do. I am still making things and will continue to, because I love knitting and sewing and all things crafty! If you want something made or would like to see anything just ask. Also, I do plan to add new photos to the Photo Gallery, under Tabitha’s Creations. I would rather spend the majority of my free time (time not spent on cleaning, cooking, caring for children or husband…) on actual crafting of items instead of writing about said items.

Eventually I’ll be back on this address and you can also look in the next few months for information about a webstore (and several months after that a real store) that my friend Suzie (sewloved) and I will be starting! Pray for us to get it all together and ready when we would like to have it open. Until then…ta-ta!

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