Break’s Over!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back. I’ve had a nice break and have come back ready to redo the blog. I’m sure my past readers have already noticed the theme change (yay!) and I will be changing some other things soon too. I am planning to use this more as a blog instead of just a page to showcase my FO’s, but probably won’t be posting to the family blog. So, if you want news, check here from now on. I’ll post some pictures of things later and the gallery of my handmade things will be updated within the next few days. I have several things from the last 5 months and a few I am very excited to show you!

Also wanted to mention that Kody has a new job, another yay! He will start on the 29th of this month, working for NCR. A great job that came along at the perfect time. It is such a blessing and we are all excited. Kody is a bit nervous about his first day/week and could use some prayer, if you have time :)

Kristopher & Taylor are doing well. I’ll write more about them another time. Have a great day and check back soon for many more updates and changes!

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