night number one

For all family and friends interested…Kody made it safely. He is ready for his first day of training in the morning and we already miss him severely. Hopefully the three weeks will go by quickly and I will have so much keeping me busy I won’t be able to sit still. Who am I kidding? I may be busy, but not that much so…the nights will be especially long, trying to get the kids to sleep by myself and then not having anyone to talk to before bed. Tonight I wound some yarn that was in disarray and then cast on for a blanket that I had planned to make Kristopher back in August. He has to take a blanket to school for nap time and I wanted it to be a special one, but never got around to starting it. Should be able to kick that out in 3 weeks, right? I also plan to catch up on my reading. I have several books that haven’t been read…new and old…that I would really like to get to in the next decade.

I’m still working on updating the site and having some problems (as I’m sure you are noticing)…Kody if you’re reading, please fix the Proverbs 31 page :) Everyone, let me know if anything looks messed up or if a link isn’t working and I will try to fix it!

Have a great day!

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