Preparation for Valentine’s Day Party

So, tonight is night number seven of “just me and the kids”… I can’t say that we’ve totally lost it yet, but we’re getting close! The first few nights went really well, so well in fact that I probably jinxed us by saying how well we were doing. Now it’s not going so well. I think that Kristopher is really missing Daddy and I’m starting to wish that he was home too, but I know that it won’t go on forever even if it feels like it is. This job is really a blessing for our whole family and I look forward to what it will bring into Kody’s and my life. So, we can make it through the next 14 days and nights!

I finished the felted bag I was telling you about in a previous post (at least I think I told you about it…) It is the lil’ granny bag from Anne’s website. If you haven’t been to her site or looked through her pattern catalog go do it! She has some really nice patterns and a great weblog. I did my bag in Lamb’s Pride Worsted Roasted Coffee and Lotus Pink. I really like the way it turned out but kind of wish I had ordered the regular granny bag pattern. This one is a little small for what it is intended for.

02-08-07 granny bag 2

Then we have a little cat for my mom for Valentine’s day. I’m pretty sure she won’t read this before then (if you are, just skip this part). It is from World of Knitted Toys in the Farm section. I think all the animals and dolls in this book are great and there are so many I want to make. I’ve had the book for months now and finally decided I was going to make the cat with the yarn I bought forever ago. I made it a solid cat (kind of a creamy gray). The yarn is Symphony from Red Heart since it is so soft and I didn’t want to break the bank for a stuffed kitty :) I don’t remember the color name/number. Kitty turned out okay – I’m not very good with the eyes and embroidering and his legs do look a little funny the way they are sewn on, but he is cute enough!

02-10-07 cat for mommy 1

Under kitty you will notice the spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. It came yesterday and I have to say I’m not very excited about the changes they made this time. I really did like the old layout better, but I’m sure I’ll get used to this one after a few issues. There are some great patterns included this time. Eunny Jang’s Entrelac socks look like fun to try and I love the way the bonsai tunic looks. The dollar and a half cardigan is beautiful, but I doubt I’ll have time for that anytime soon.

Now, I bet you are wondering about the title to this post. Kristopher has a Valentine’s Day party at Westside on Tuesday and we were asked to make a “mailbox” for valentines from his classmates to be delivered to. They are learning what each other’s names look like and will be doing the delivering themselves. We made Kristopher’s box yesterday and there were some pretty stressful moments since he didn’t want my advice, but he wanted me to do the whole thing. Not my idea of fun, for sure! We did print his name on top as told and then cut a slit for the mail. On the bottom we added some Valentine’s Day history that I found at Then today we made the really cool heart shaped crayons with a mini baking pan. I found the directions for these in February’s Family Fun magazine. Each classmate will get 2 of them with their little CARS card. I loved getting all the valentines at our school parties when I was little. I think I saved some of them for many years (may even still find a few floating around). I just hope Kristopher has as much fun as I did!

02-10-07 valentine box 302-10-07 valentine box 402-10-07 valentine crayons 3Kody, if you read this, we love you and miss you and hope you are having a great time!

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