Wow, two posts in one day – can you believe it? I just have a couple of things to say really quick before heading to bed…

02-12-07 Kristopher's puzzle and dinosaur drawing

First look at this great picture that Kristopher drew today on his magna doodle. He came over and said mom look at my dinosaur and I was thinking sure it will be a blob, but then I looked and it actually looked like a dinosaur. His drawings are getting better and better. This magna-doodle is great and he draws all the time on it, unfortunately if you want to save the artwork you have to take a picture of it. Underneath the dino you will see a puzzle that we have put together twice in the last two days. We did it yesterday and then he took it apart and he noticed that it was supposed to glow in the dark, so this morning we put it together again. After it was complete (at around 10:30 am) he said, “I can’t wait for bedtime, mom, so that we can look at the puzzle.” That is something I’ll never hear again…wanting bedtime to hurry up and arrive just so he can see a puzzle for a couple of minutes! Anyway, we saw it and it was cool and we tried to get a picture, but my camera is apparently not as good as whatever they used to make the picture on the box…

Second, I have a little rant I guess. Today we went to the post office which was extremely busy a couple of days before Valentine’s Day. I realized on the way there that I had forgotten to bring a permanent marker, and so looked in every obvious place that I would have one (ie, my bag, every door in the car) and couldn’t find one. We had to make a short stop at the store, so I put one in the cart to buy. Well, somehow we didn’t buy it. It’s not on my reciept and it’s not in the bags. So I finally bought one at the post office and wrote while waiting in the huge line and trying to coral two kids who were chasing each other around. fun. Now, my number of permanent markers in stock should be close to that of the Yarn Harlot’s tape measures. I shouldn’t have to buy another one for the rest of my life and yet I can never find one when I need it. I should have permanent markers falling on my fingers before I even need one, but not so. Unlike her, I don’t have a theory as to where they have all gone, but it would sure be nice if I didn’t have to buy any more (except in pretty colors). Tomorrow I am going to try to find all the permanent markers and then put one in every logical place (ie, my bags – all of them, the car – maybe 2 or 3 in the car, every drawer and desk and cabinet and box I can find, you get it). Then the next time I need a permanent marker, it will be right there… Yeah right.

Have a great night!

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