the good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, I guess I don’t have an ugly thing to post on, but it had to be a part of the title…

02-15-07 Amelie Dress (1)

First, the good! I have an FO: Taylor’s dress is finally finished! It is the Amelie Dress from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. This book was a Christmas gift from my good friend Suzie and it has so many beautiful things in it. They are all made with organic yarn in the book, however, I used some plain old dk weight wool in a dark brown and corally color. I love the way it looks – unfortunately it is a little big for Taylor right now even though I made her the “up to 12 months” size…What can I say? I have gauge issues. I did a swatch for this dress and it seemed right so I knit the dress. It can’t be right or the dress would fit better than this or even be too small. But I think it will be perfect for the fall; what do you guys think? That is the thing I enjoy most about making baby clothing, if it doesn’t fit the intended baby wait a bit or give it to another baby. It will fit a baby somewhere! I am still scared to do a sweater for myself since even when I do a swatch my item doesn’t match up. But as long as I get to knit I guess it really doesn’t matter how it comes out. :) I accidentally did it so that the buttons are on the wrong left. I don’t know if there is any fashion rule that says buttons must be on the left shoulder of the girl wearing the dress or not, but I didn’t want to take it out and change it after I started. You will see my horrible seaming skills in the picture as well. I am just not patient enough to have pretty seams. I was reading Sarah’s blog and saw that she sent a sweater to this finisher. I had never even thought that there were people who enjoyed finishing hadnknit items. I know I prefer the knitting and could let the thing go unfinished forever!(If any of you are wondering why so many of my pictures are taken on the wood pile, it’s because I like the way handknits look on the wood.)

Now for the bad news (duhn, duhn, duhn)… Taylor has the flu. She had a fever yesterday despite being on Antibiotics since Monday for a cold, and it wasn’t better today, so back to the doctor we went! They did all sorts of fun things like bloodwork and she didn’t move a muscle (not even those lovely jaw ones to cry). The doctor decided it must be the flu and sent us home with some tasty (eww) Tamiflu. I think they were a little upset with me for not getting the kids flu shots, especially since Taylor had the flu about this time last year. Not even 2 years old yet and she’s already had it twice, but at least this time it’s not the flu on top of pneumonia like last year. Praise the Lord!! This flu also means that it will be impossible for us to get out of the house this weekend which is a huge bummer. And that isn’t all the bad news: Kody has an extra week of trainingm because they found another class for him to take, so we’ll be on our own for an extra week unless we go visit him.

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