Soup for the flu

We are all doing a little better here today! Taylor’s fever is lower and she has been acting almost normal today, which is a nice change from yesterday :) I felt a little sick last night, but those feelings are mostly gone now. Kristopher has not been struck by any of the flu germs yet (we hope)! Soup always makes me feel better, especially when it is cold out and I bought everything to make vegetable soup while I was picking up Taylor’s medicine yesterday, so today I made it. Here is a picture of the celery carrots and onions sauteing (is that a word?). I just love the way these veggies look in the pot! The finished soup was so good and I think it did help me to feel warm if not better.

The recipe I use is supposed to be a copycat of the Frisch’s Big Boy Vegetable Soup and it is pretty close. There are several copycat recipes out there and I like this one because it doesn’t use any meat (I don’t think the actual Frisch’s one does either). I actually haven’t had the restaurant soup for a couple of years now, since we don’t have one anywhere close. It was one of my favorite places to eat and I even worked at one for a bit in college. If you’ve never been, you need to go to a Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant!

I think I promised pictures of my “fancy silk socks” from Knitting Vintage Socks, but I have been reluctant to show them since they aren’t very far along. I had most of the cuff complete and then Taylor pulled all the needles out. Since I am not confident or patient enough to pick all the lace stitches back up I had to rip back to almost the beginning of the cuff. Today I worked on them as much as I could and I am almost done with the cuff again. I am only doing 3 or 4 repeats of the pattern instead of the “suggested” five repeats. I don’t like most socks to be as tall, although I love knee socks, so I always do a shorter cuff. Tomorrow I should get to turn the heel on this first sock. I love the colors and the way they work out with the lace. I picked this pattern because it didn’t look like it would be too busy for the colors and I didn’t want just plain socks. What do you think? Are they pretty?


Well, it’s off to bed with me… Goodnight!

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