Do you think anyone would notice…

…or be brave enough to point it out to me, if I wore these socks together?

02-19-07 two lone socks

The reason I ask is that I have one sock of each pair complete and I really want to wear my own handknit socks. All the other socks I’ve made have gone to other people. Well, I do have a pair of nice worsted weight ones, but I want nice thin cozy pretty socks now! I just finished the turquoisy-brown-white one today and cast on for the second. I plan to work on it tonight after the kids go to bed a little. That other sock may never find it’s match though. I finished it way back last year and started the second, but put it down to work on other socks and when I picked it back up I twisted all the cables wrong and instead of tinking or froging back to that point I ripped it all out since I had forgotten what I was doing anyhow…So, now I need to restart it and force myself to finish it if I want those socks. The one is so comfy and right now I am thinking about not starting anything else until these two pairs are finished (hopefully by next week when the first STR shipment goes out!). What say you to that? Aye!

02-18-07 First stitch markers

I have also been wanting to make some pretty stitch markers. I am not quite sure why though. I don’t really care if I sell them and I don’t need that many for myself because I hardly use any (even on the lace so far), but they are just so pretty and fun! I made a few this week, but I am going to wait to try any more until I get some cooler beads and some small new tools. I’m hoping that they will be inexpensive or they won’t be here any time soon. Here are the ones I tried this week with large tools. They still need some split rings so they slide on the needles, but I think they turned out well. The thin one with the peach and wood beads was the first one, then there are 2 cats (1 blue & 1 pink), and last I made a couple with yellow butterfly beads. There was supposed to be a third in that set with 1 yellow and 2 small pinks, but Taylor did something with them when I went into the other room. I’m pretty sure she didn’t eat them, the head pin was gone too and she kept pointing at the living room. I was only gone a second and when I got back she was up in my chair happily moving all the beads around and having a great time. I wasn’t totally sure she could get into the kitchen chairs until then, but I guess the fun on the table was motivation enough!!

Enjoy the evening!

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