Get Your Fake Gymb*ree Clothing Here!

I have been really hooked on this one little Gymb*ree set for about a month now. I don’t know what year it is from, I just know it is the cutest little summer set ever! I have tried to “win” it on eBay (eBay-aholic that I am) several times and haven’t because apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it is the cutest little set ever. It is a rhumba top and ruffled bloomers from the Fiesta del Sol line. The colors are hot pink, red and orange and it is bright and makes you feel happy and sunshiney just looking at it. So, since I haven’t wanted to shell out the big bucks for this Gymb*ree set, I decided I would search through patterns and fabric and see if I could come up with anything worth my while. I went to Wal-M*rt and began browsing the patterns. I knew I had a ruffled bloomer pattern already so I didn’t need to find it, but I had no idea how to start the little top. After several of the racks didn’t have what I was looking for, there it was the rhuma top…in the RIGHT size! I also bought a couple of other patterns, one with an a-line top and capris and one with a little kimono set (you’ll probably be hearing about that one soon). Then I started looking through the fabric. A lot of the time our store is not the best to look for fabric, because it is so small, but I lucked out this time. There was the perfect brightly colored floral fabric in, you guessed it, hot pink, orange, red and some yellow. I loved it!! So, I couldn’t wait to get started, but managed to hold off until the kids were in bed Tuesday night. I had washed and dried the fabric that day and was ready to trace the pattern pieces and cut the fabric. I was too tired after that and so sewed the top on Wednesday. It was so cute finished and looked perfect on Taylor. Thursday I made the bloomers and the bonnet (which were in a pattern together with a little dress). Today it was ready for Taylor to try it on and do a photo shoot, which you see here.

02-23-07 Taylor's outfit front 02-23-07 Little cutie patootie

Isn’t it great? The bloomers are a tad large, but I can do something about that if I need to. It’s not warm enough to wear it yet, so she may get a little bigger, yet. I still think it’s the cutest little outfit and I am happy with it since it is exactly what I wanted. And you know what? Instead of the $15 or $25 for the brand name, I spent about $6 and got a bonnet and still have some fabric left! I’m thinking Taylor needs a little ruffled purse, no? Would that be overboard? I also got the joy of bringing my sewing machine back out and making something for my daughter :) It seems like springtime and into the summer is my sewing time. I love the bright summer fabrics and the beautiful pastels of spring. I also love the little summer dresses and flowing lines. I hope to improve on my clothing making this year and found a top I even want to try for myself. I love knitting, but do more of it in the late summer, fall and winter (which I guess is normal for several people), but when that sun comes out and the first warm day comes I start itching to sew. If anyone has any suggestions of pretty fabric that I need to make something with, let me know.

I also wanted to mention that there is another contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. This one is to win a family game called Rhyme-n-Tyme, which looks really fun. It’s easy to add your name to the pot and doesn’t cost anything but about 30 seconds! Head on over and sign your name to the Mr. Linky and have a great day :)

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