a few days of normalcy

Kody made it home, for all those concerned! He surprised me by coming home last night instead of today (which was great), so I surprised him by not having the house cleaned like I would have if he had waited;) It looks better now and we have had a wonderful day. He’ll be here for the next week if anyone wants to find him and then off he goes again for 3 more weeks. It really surprised me how quickly we slipped back into our routine. I kind of thought it would be awkward having him home after so many weeks doing everything myself, but it isn’t and life is going to be great this week!

I meant to show these pictures Thursday night. When I went out to check the temperature on Thursday morning I glanced “next door” and saw about 20 wild turkeys just walking around and having a good time. So, I did what any sane person does and ran back inside to grab my camera. Then I proceeded to sneak around on my tiptoes in the mud to take pictures of them. I didn’t get very close, but at least they aren’t just brown spots on the picture. Apparently this is a normal occurence here (according to Uncle G), but it was amazing for me to go out and see that many turkeys just hanging out! I thought, briefly, about waking Kristopher up to see them, but knew they’d be gone before he could get outside. The pictures will have to do for now.

03-01-07 Wild Turkeys (4)03-01-07 Wild Turkeys (6)

I should have a couple of FO’s to post tomorrow or Monday. I’m almost done with a matching pair of socks and I have a quick little dress I want to sew for Taylor tomorrow. I bought some great patchwork fabric for it a few days ago and it is washed now.

Enjoy your evening!

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