Taylor’s Dress

I finished Taylor’s dress yesterday morning and she got to wear it yesterday. It is a little big for her, but at least doesn’t fall off! I took tons of pictures of her wearing it, but none of them are very good (she either wasn’t standing in a good position or there was to much yucky background that nobody needs to see!). But I will show you these.

The front is just pain and the back has a couple of pink bow buttons for closing the neck. I made the size 1 on the pattern, because the butterfly dress I made her last year was a size 1/2 in the same pattern brand and it is too short/small this year. So, the size 1 should have worked (at least in my mind). The only real problems are that the neck opening is a little big and so slides off her shoulder some and the dress is kind of potato sacky looking. The sleeves are adorable though and I loved watching her run around outside wearing it :)

That’s pretty much all I have to say today… Hopefully I will get a good amount of the book I am supposed to be writing about tomorrow read, so I will have something to say!

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