Round Two

Well, here we are on night number five of round two… Kody has been back in Dayton since Sunday night for more training and the kids and I have been trying to keep busy so as not to get lonely. I have been doing some knitting which I will show below. We’ve been doing our normal “sickwithwhoknowswhat” routine and making fun trips to the doctor. This time it really is nothing though, just a silly Mommy and maybe a bit of asthma/allergies. Kristopher had his first Spring soccer practice on Tuesday which he was really looking forward to. Unfortunately he spent most of it goofing off and I don’t know if he knows anything the coach said. Hopefully the first game will go better than the practice…it’s tomorrow morning out in the cold. Last night we registered Kristopher for Kindergarten, which was fun for all! I didn’t even know about the time until yesterday afternoon, so I am glad I found out and that we were able to go. Kristopher enjoyed seeing the school and wants to go back now instead of waiting for August. The first day here is August 7. That seems really early to me, but I guess things are a little different than when I was in school. I signed up to be a volunteer (they have to do background checks now, which I think is really great!) and we got to meet the three Kindergarten teachers and see the classrooms and all. Everyone there seemed really nice and we are all looking forward to finding out who his teacher is and going back. I just love it when things go well! Taylor and I have had a rough fighting back and forth week with her screaming all the time and telling me no and me being very exasperated because I have no idea what is wrong…well, I think I figured it out tonight. She either hates her mommy or she is in pain because of that little tooth I found poking through the gums. I am really hoping for the latter;) I think though that most of the “no” and “uh-unh” and hiding things behind her back is that she is getting close to two and wants to share her opinion. The only problem with that is that she thinks “uh-unh” means yes and no (you can imagine how it would be difficult for me to guess which one she means)! But, I’m sure we’ll get past this. I just hope that we can get through without drawing too much attention to ourselves in public.

03-15-07 Broken Cable Rib Socks are done!03-15-07 Broken Cable Rib Socks (1)

Now for the knitting, because we all know that’s why you’re here! First I finished the Broken Cable Rib Socks. The pattern is by Ann Budd and I think it can be found on Interweave’s website. It is from the Summer 2005 Issue of Knits. The yarn is some I bought off eBay, but I just found last night that the seller has an etsy shop as well (which I am very excited about). You can find her here. I am going to call these my cinnamon socks, because the colors remind me of cinnamon sticks and of the cinnamon discs. I have worn them all day and I think they are going to be my favorite socks! Aren’t they beautiful?

Next, I got my first sock kit and binder from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on Monday, so here’s a picture of it. I am excited to be in the club, but am not sure what I am going to do with this yarn yet. The pattern that came with this month’s kit is nice looking, but it seems like so many of the club’s members are having trouble with it. We’ll have to see if I am brave enough..if not, I guess I will just do another pattern with this month’s yarn or save it until later to decide.

03-15-07 Rockin' Sock CLub (1)03-16-07 Taylor's Pinwheel Sweater

Last is the pinwheel sweater I started this afternoon for Taylor. I am using the elann Peruvian Highland Wool and it is going by so quickly. You will notice that I have a lot of stitches on double pointed needles. This is not on purpose (even though I despise circulars); when I went to get the US size 9 circular tips out I remembered that I don’t have any size 9s. So I either have to drive to Paducah tomorrow and buy some, order some online and wait or finish the sweater on double points. I don’t know how big of a hurry I’m in, but it seems like the sweater really wants to be finished.

I think that’s all I have for tonight. Hope you are all having a great week :) Think warm thoughts and pray for my sanity tomorrow while I go pretend to be super soccer mom!

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