Finished Pinwheel and WIPs

I know I said that the Pinwheel sweater was going to be finished by Tuesday, but I just finished it this morning. The icord edging took a lot longer than I planned and then the sleeves were just too boring, when I wanted to start my sock club sock! But the sweater is finished and it looks very cute. I didn’t block it, but Taylor did wear it for a few minutes this morning at Mom’s group since the building was chilly. It is a very warm sweater though and she got hot fast with it on. I really like it and I hope that it fits perfectly in the fall (I know it is a “grow with me sweater” but I think it will probably be too tight by the time she is 4.)
So, here it is:

03-23-07 Taylor's Sweater (1)03-23-07 Taylor's Sweater (2)

Pattern: Pinwheel Sweater from
Yarn: Peruvian Highland Wool in Natural, Celery, Oregano, Antique Rose, Salmon, Warm Tan, & Mocha Cream
Needles: Size US 9 bamboo dpns from eBay, Size US 9 Clover bamboo 29″ circulars, size US 7 bamboo dpns from eBay, size US 8 Clover dpns

Modifications: I made the sleeves and inch and a half shorter since I don’t think Taylor will wear it when she needs the 12″ length. I also did the i-cord edging in salmon instead of the last pinwheel color because I wanted more pink in the sweater:) If I made the sweater again I would probably not make the ribbing go so far up on the sleeves since it doesn’t look that nice. I like that the sleeves can fold up for a smaller baby, but I would start the 1×1 about 2 inches lower and maybe add in another decrease before it starts. I probably will make at least one more of these since the sweater is easy to do, and then I’ll get to choose some more fun colors!

03-23-07 Monsoon Sock ProgressHere is my sock for the Rockin’ Sock Club. Knit with STR mediumweight in the Monsoon colorway (February’s club kit color). I was on the fence about what pattern to do, but I decided just to go with the Inside Out patter that came with the kit. I don’t know how I will like the ribbing on the bottom of my foot, but I do want to try new things with the others in the club. This is my first toe up sock and so far it hasn’t been too bad. I did have a lot of trouble with the crochet chain, since I don’t really understand how to do one and then it didn’t unzip how it was supposed to so it took me forever just to get it out of my sock. But the actual knitting so far has been easy. I hope to be working on these a lot so they will get done before the next kit arrives in April.

03-23-07 Vestee in Quecha from elann.comThe last new project is the Vestee from the Spring 2007 issue of knitty. I think it will be a really cute sweater for Taylor to wear during the spring, summer and fall and maybe even winter over longs sleeves. I hope it works out right for me. I am using Quecha from elann in colony blue. I had trouble deciding what to start with it. I have 4 balls and the choices were Vestee, Briar Rose or the cabled jumper from I want to make all three and I decided that she needed the short sleeved one now and the others could be knit later in the summer for winter use. I really love the color and can’t wait to have it finished now that I have cast on!

That’s all the knitting news here. We have a soccer game tomorrow unless it is raining. It doesn’t look like it is going to, but it was supposed to last night and today so who knows. We are all doing well and have had a really great day today. I hope you all are as well :) Bye bye!

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