Watch Out!

There’s a sock in the grass!

04-02-07 Sock in the GrassYes, I finished my first Monsoon sock from the Rockin’ Sock club’s February kit. I can’t say that it was all that enjoyable, but I did get a pretty nice sock. I probably won’t ever make this pattern again, because I really don’t like the ribbed foot…it feels funny when you are walking on it. I also am not fond of the toe up garter stitch short row toe and heel, but it was interesting to learn how to do them. I prefer to make my socks cuff down. I did like the reversible cable pattern though and might use it again (cuff down of course). I am planning to make the second sock of this pair, but might take a little break. It’s almost time for the next kit anyway, maybe I will like it better. At least the sock looks good in the grass! I went out to take pictures and my foot almost dissapeared into the ground:)

Later today I am going to try to work on the vestee for Taylor. I am going to rip out all that I have done (about 3 inches) and start it again with smaller needles. I decided that I didn’t like the fabric or gauge I was getting with the US 7s.

Apparently I missed “Flash Your Stash 2007” yesterday. I did flash part of my stash last week, because I didn’t know there was a day for it! I am still planning a lace stash day (although it isn’t anywhere near as big as my sock yarn stash!) and someday I may get around to more of it. I have a quite substantial stash from which to choose even though I’ve only been knitting about 2 years, mostly because my grandmother has given me so much of hers! I have bought quite a bit too and have just recently tried to cut back and use some of what I have first. That would be the smart thing to do, but I guess I do have some that I just don’t want to knit like every knitter; it will always be stash!

We’ve been sick around here a bit more. Taylor mostly, but I think Kristopher may have had a bit of a cold this weekend too. I can’t really tell if the sniffling (and extra whining) was cold or allergy related. Kody came home Thursday night, for anyone intersted. It has been nice, but since he returned he has instituted a full house spring cleaning. I was kind of looking forward to the outside spring cleaning, but now I have a lot of extra stuff to do in the house too… Maybe we’ll get it done soon.

Happy April, everyone!

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  1. Druanna says:

    Hi There! Thank you for the info on the Rockin Sock Club post about the sizing! It helped tremendously! I will probably start the sock sometime this week or weekend! So I am very nervous and anxious at the same time!

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