It’s been a while…

…since I’ve posted! I have been meaning to for about a week now, but never seem to be alone when I make it back to the computer. It’s really hard for me to post something decent while trying to hold Taylor and keep her hands away from the keyboard while listening to Kristopher tell me anything;)

04_08_07_Kristopher_Taylor_Happy_Easter 03-31-07 Holy Treasure Hunt

We had a great Easter, even though it was very cold. Taylor wore her pretty pink dress and Kristopher had a nice blue shirt for the boy/girl thing (because I’m weird like that). In the morning we went to church for the Easter dramatical concert, which was great! A few months back I think I posted about joining the choir for the Easter musical and it didn’t work out with Kody being out of town and the kids being sick so much, but I knew all the songs and still loved watching it. We hid eggs at Gram & Grandaddy’s house and made a nice dinner over there. The weekend before Easter was the Holy Treasure hunt (eggs, and games/crafts) at our church and Kristopher and I were able to go to that too (Taylor was sick). (Kristopher is the one in the Yellow shirt)

Soccer is on a break right now. I think our next game is actually the 21st, but we haven’t had any the last 2 weeks because of Easter. I’m glad, since it has been too cold for standing on the sidelines! It will be nice to get out soon though. Kristopher had Spring Break this week and only has a few more weeks of school before summer. He will miss it and I know I will for sure. It has been a wonderful program and a big help for me to have 2 days with just Taylor during the week. School starts August 7th here so Kindergarten is not far off.

04-05-07 Easter Baskets - Front

In crafty news, I made the kids Easter baskets this year since the only ones we had were handle-less and we needed some that could be carried. I really love metal pails so I covered a couple with fabric and ribbon and painted their names on. I think they turned out really well.

04-09-07 doll clothes - front

I’ve started the big project that I made myself for Taylor’s birthday this year. It’s in September, but I needed to start now because I have a lot of sewing and knitting to to before then. We are going to give her a Bitty Baby (by American Girl) and instead of buying all kinds of accessories I am making the doll a wardrobe and diaper bag and quilt/blanket with matching cushions for the wood cradle that I had when I was little. I am really excited about it all and have finished 2 outfits so far. I still have a long way to go though. You’ll probably be seeing bits of this project as I finish. The doll came Friday, so I have actually tried these two outfits on and they fit perfect…very cute!

04-15-07 Japanese Feather Scarf

I have also been knitting. I am still working on my second sock for the club and not moving very fast. I can’t wait for the second shipment that should be here at the end of the month. I started a bow tied bolero from Debbie Bliss’s book Special Knits and have finished the back and am on the left front now. Since I couldn’t have just two projects going I had to start something else. Today I cast on Anne‘s Japanese Feather Scarf in some beautifully hand-dyed 100% silk from Lavender Sheep. I think it is “Chocolate Raspberry” and I love it. The scarf looks so much prettier in person – I don’t think the colors look near as nice in the picture. It will be for me…my summer scarf :)

I think that’s all for now. Hopefully I will be back sooner than 2 weeks this time! God Bless you all!

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