Walking on the Wild Tide and other miscellany

05-02-07 Wild Tide (1)

My April sock kit from BMFA came last week and I decided not to knit the pattern that came with the kit this time. I decided that it just didn’t look like my kind of thing, but I did start knitting the yarn pretty quickly with the Uptown Boot Sock pattern in the Favorite Socks book. The first sock is going quickly but is not turning out exactly like i thought it would. I do love the way the colors are lining up in a diagonal strip right along with the cable pattern diagonal! The only problem is that the cable pattern doesn’t look much like it does in the book, probably because I am using a yarn that isn’t solid colored. I am just not a solid color kind of girl on socks.

I’m still working on the bow-tied bolero and the other pair of socks I started, but they both kind of got thrown aside for this new sock yarn… Maybe they’ll be done soon!

Here are some pictures from our weekend around here: (as always, click for larger images!)

1. On Saturday we were outside almost all day. Kody mowed and trimmed the yard while the kids played and I did some outside work and watched the kids. We had a great day and I took a few pictures of the kids playing in and climbing on this Tulip tree. I love this tree and definitely plan to have one or two in my yard when we buy a house!

2. On Sunday we set up the sandbox and Grandaddy brought over a couple bags of sand. Kristopher was glad to play in it again and Taylor loved it too. She wasn’t big enough (to me) to play in it last year so this was the first time she got to experience sand! She threw a lot of it out of the box, but was cute trying to shovel it into things. She watches Kristopher and tries to copy him in everything he does:)

04-29-07 Hummingbird (1)

3. Kody also hung up the Hummingbird feeder last week and put it on our porch this year. So while we were out playing in the sand the Hummingbirds came right up and ate and even hung on the windchimes swinging back and forth. They are fun to watch! I just really loved the way this picture came out with the sky in the background (if the wires weren’t there it’d be a better one though).

Happy May everyone!

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5 Responses to Walking on the Wild Tide and other miscellany

  1. kris says:

    ooooh, that is a really nice sock! what a great alternative!

  2. Carrie says:

    I love the way the sock is spiraling–the colors look great all concentrated together like that. Excellent choice!

  3. Pensguys says:

    Oooh! Beautiful! I wonder how Monsoon would look in that pattern…I might have to try that. I like the new sock pattern and the new yarn. Yours is just as beautiful though.

  4. Sabrina says:

    As usual…love the pics !!!

  5. Laura says:

    Hi found you via the RSC Blog. I love the pattern you are doing it looks great with the colors! I like your site!

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