Summer can begin anytime now…

05-12-07 Kristopher throwing inAs I told you all last week, school is over for Kristopher and then yesterday was his last soccer game for the season*, so now we are wandering around looking for all the summer fun! It’s just not summer without a bunch of fun things and camp type stuff to do. We signed up for a summer reading program at the Library, which is not like the one I was a part of as a child. In this one (I think they do have the one where you read and keep track of a bunch of books and get prizes and such too) the kids (age 5 and up) come to the library on Mondays for an hour and learn about fun things. So it is pretty much story hour for 6 or 7 weeks in the summer. One of the weeks is going to be about owls from the nature center. I’m even looking forward to that! I also saw a sign about art classes at the Murray Art Guild that I am going to call about tomorrow, if I remember. For Kristopher’s age they just have a class (that happens to be cheaper than the other classes) called “Messy Tuesday” that sounds really fun. He loves making things and any crafty thing just like me, so I hope it works out. All I know is I have to find something to do. We can’t just spend the whole summer without any structure! I like to have a plan and things going on.

Taylor and I went to my friend Lori’s baby shower on Saturday after the soccer game. We gave her the finished turtle and socks and I think she really liked them. Once again the turtle is Sheldon from knitty. I used Knitpicks Telemark in icicle and alpine frost. I didn’t do the applied I-cord around the edge of the shell, because I was cutting it close time-wise and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I just sewed the bottom of the belly onto the shell. It doesn’t look as nice as it probably would have, but it is still cute. I had a lot of trouble with the turtle as a whole and I probably won’t make him again. All the increases and decreases hurt my hands…and I also have no idea how to p1f&b. My needle just wouldn’t do it… The socks are from an infant sock pattern booklet, just basic little socks on 32 stitches on size 4 needles. I used some of my leftover Monsoon STR to make them and they were a hit since the daddy is a hunter.

05-18-07 Turtle and socks for Lori (2)05-19-07 Lori's present (2)

Taylor had some fun at the baby shower. She really enjoyed the little stage and went up and down and laid on it to color and enjoyed having people talk to her.

05-19-07 Taylor at the baby shower

And now I will leave you with this picture from Kody’s sister Sabrina’s farm. We went there last weekend and we all just loved the turkey. Isn’t he funny? We had a lot of fun visiting and seeing all their animals and we even brought one home! Well, not yet, but we will have an addition to our animal family soon. Sabrina is going to bring us one of their cockatiels. Kristopher is about the same age as Kody was when he got his bird Nicky who still lives with his parents, so this is kind of exciting:) Thanks Sabrina!!

05-12-07 Turkey (2)

*The picture of Kristopher is from last Saturday because I didn’t get any very good ones from this week. I really liked this one of him throwing the ball in…he really is playing in a game with other people, I just didn’t get any of them in the shot.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    YAY!!! wait till I tell the turkey he is famous !! He will be so proud. LOL

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