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I haven’t written in so long that there’s lots to tell! There are even a *few* FO’s! This won’t be a short post, so get ready to read (I hope anyway, I tried to write this post yesterday and got halfway through and Taylor pushed a button and deleted the whole thing! Obviously, I gave up on it then.) :)

05_27_07_Nigel_2First up is our new birdy! I think I told you we were getting a bird from Kody’s sister in my last post, and he was dropped off last week. We named him Nigel (the pelican in Finding Nemo). We all think the name fits him and now we are trying to teach him some cute little phrases and piratey things like “Love a duck” and “wind in the sails” and “don’t eat me“…so far he hasn’t picked them up, but he came with (from Sabrina’s house) “pretty bird”. So far he’s pretty good, but he has done some crazy screeching the last couple of days.

Speaking of our pets, I don’t think I ever showed my rabbit. My mom gave him to me for Christmas in 2001, because I have always wanted a bunny and I never got to have one as a child. I didn’t upload a picture of him this time, but I am planning to add a pets page to my site soon. So far we have a cat, Winnie; the cockatiel, Nigel; and the mini-lop, who will be known for now as Runny Babbit. When he lived with my mom for awhile she called him Honey Bunny, but we haven’t been calling him that. His name may change sometime, but for now Runny Babbit it is.

06-03-07 Tree Frog on trashWe’ll keep with the animal news a little bit longer, since I keep thinking of more! A couple of days ago we had a tree frog visitor**. Kody caught him on the porch while he and the kids were cleaning the sand off. We think he must have been trying to catch the many bugs that were flying around the light, since it was evening. The kids loved watching him and he was really cute. We have many tree frogs around here and they sing us to sleep. I didn’t get any sleep when we first moved here almost 3 years ago becasue of all the frogs, crickets and the creek right outside the bedroom, but I have since gotten used to them and would probably have trouble sleeping without all the nighttime noises. Oh yeah, we also have a few owls that get really close to the house. They don’t bother me, but they do make a really funny sound before they start hooting that I had never heard before. Really interesting stuff!

05-30-07 Gabriel's Wallet - OpenMy sister, Tiffany and my niece and nephew came to visit last week for 3 days. It was really fun to have them stay with us, but the kids were a little crazy by the end! They seemed to get along better than last time, so it was more fun for me too! Halo and Gabriel have May birthdays so we gave them their presents while they were here. I made Gabriel a wallet with trains, planes and automobiles and added a little money. He turned 2 years old and I didn’t really have any good ideas this year, but he seemed to enjoy the wallet.

I made several tutus and gave Halo, who turned 4, a “gift card” to Aunt Tabitha’s Tutu shop. She got to pick the color that she wanted and then I took her to buy artificial flowers and ribbon for the waistband. She picked out the lavender and yellow flowers herself and I love the way it turned out. The purple is beautiful with her dark skin and hair :) I hope she gets a lot of play and fun out of it, I know she wanted to wear it a lot when she was here.

05-31-07 Halo's Tutu (2)06-01-07 Halo in her Tutu (2)Next up, I finished Taylor’s sweater…You know, the one I kept saying that I was knitting, but never showed a picture of. I bet you thought it didn’t really exist! But here it is:

05-26-07 Bow Tied Bolero (3)05-26-07 Taylor modeling sweater (3)Pattern: Bow Tied Bolero from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – 55% Merino, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere (2.5 balls for the 18-24 month size) color 600

My Thoughts: I really love the way it looks on Taylor. It fits her perfectly and will be so cute this fall and in the spring (I think it will still fit). I hated all the seaming and I’m not sure that those parts look that great, but overall the sweater is beautiful. I read a lot of reviews that said all the debbie bliss patterns were oversized, but Taylor mostly wears 12-18 and some 6-12’s and this 18-24 sweater fits great, so I don’t know. I have a bag with 7.5 balls of the cashmerino left, so I will definitely be doing a couple more patterns from this book for Taylor. The sweater still needs to be blocked so that it lays down better and doesn’t roll up at the bottom, but I really wanted to take the pictures and post about it…last week when it was done, oh well, here it is!

The Uptown Boot socks haven’t been finished yet, but I am hoping to get them done soon. The June kit will be arriving at the end of the month and I want to finish those and maybe another pair that are started before it gets here. I am also working on a little dolly dress and bloomers with some pretty lavender sportweight that should be done this weekend.

Taylor has had a fever this week and is on some medicine. Her throat was a little red too, but she isn’t too bad off, thankfully. We are supposed to travel for a wedding this weekend, and I was pretty worried that we might have had to cancel our trip if she was too sick. I think she will be perfectly fine by Friday though! Kristopher had his first dentist appointment this morning and he did great! I couldn’t believe it (with his teribble fear of doctors and the flouride thing at the Health department), but he went back by himself and had his teeth x-rayed and cleaned without any trouble at all. And guess what? He has 2 teeth that are a little loose, so we’ll be having all the fun that goes with losing teeth and having a holey mouth soon:) It’s so exciting! I really thought he had a cavity as well, but it turned out to be just a big spot of plaque – very good, we just need to brush better/more!

06-03-07 Kristopher & TaylorI’ve been having sort of a rough week. I don’t know what the problem has been, but one minute I just can’t take anymore of the kids and then the next I can’t imagine not having them or more. For the longest time I thought I didn’t want any kids EVER and then once I decided I did, I thought oh this is going to be the greatest time in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it is the greatest time and I get so excited about things (like losing teeth), but it’s just amazing to me that your kids can be so different from you that sometimes you won’t even get along with them. I’m just trying to get through this week without hurting too many feelings and without getting too many of mine hurt, because sometimes you just can’t take it personally, right? Here are my cute little (sometimes) troublemakers ready for church. I didn’t even make them pose, they just happened to be standing at the door like that and the camera was right next to me (it sure looks planned though)!

Please pray for our weekend – we need safe travel and peace for our visit! Have great week everyone!

**No tree frogs were harmed in the making of this blog entry!

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