Finally Uptown!

I finally finished the Uptown Boot socks! I know I should have been done with these long ago, but they got to sit in time-out for awhile. I kept trying the first one on, the one that looked too small, and I finally decided that it was too small. So…I frogged it and made it a little bit longer…and then decided that it was still a tad small and looked stretched on my foot. That’s when I put the socks down (more like threw them) and didn’t pick them up again until this week because I knew the June kits had been shipped! I finished the one that I hadn’t messed up first so that I would know how long they really needed to be and then I ripped the first sock back for the second time to make it the correct length. I kitchenered the toes this morning and now I have a lovely soft pair of Silkie socks for the coming fall and winter:)

06-23-07 Uptown Silkies

Pattern: Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks (Interweave Press)
Yarn: Silkie Socks that Rock in the Walking on the Wild Tide Colorway (April’s Club)
Needles: Assorted (here meaning non-matching) Metal DP’s – size US2

06-23-07 June Sock Kit

And it’s really great that I finished these now, because this came on Thursday! This is my favorite kit of the three so far in the Rockin’ Sock Club. I love these colors and the pattern looks wonderful. I’ll probably be starting today unless I work on my other socks in progress which happen to be close to the same colors.

06-23-07 Cable Rib Sock

This one needs a mate: Cable Rib sock from Favorite Socks with Little Splash Yarn from Myrhhwood Farms. A very comfy sock…can’t wait to have 2!

Also wanted to show off one of my birthday presents that I really love! My birthday was the 19th and unfortunately Kody had to work until 11:30 so we didn’t get to have a nice dinner or anything. My great friend, Suzie, made me some brownies and ice cream though and took a silly picture of me… Thanks Suzie:] Anyway, the thing that I am so excited about it this Brookstone Digital Photo Album. I have been wanting something like this for at least a year maybe two now and it is great! It holds 500 pictures in 4 albums so you can show pictures to anyone you meet..haha. It is great though and hooks to anyone’s computer via USB and I hear that you can get a cord to hook it up to a TV in case you want to show family far away pictures and don’t want to carry 30 photo albums like I always try to do. I really like that I can take so many pictures with me all the time though and not just pick five to stick in my wallet:)

Last thing, for today, is another baby shower gift. These are for my friend Courtney who is going to have a baby girl in July. A cotton hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and two receiving blankets in two sizes. One is perfect for covering lower half of baby in the car seat and the other is better for wrapping a small babe. They both have a silky Asian type print with flannel backing. I hope she enjoys them and that I make it to the shower later today. Kody’s on call, so I’ll have to wait and see!

 Everyone have a joyous weekend and great week next week!

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