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06-30-07 Paducah Fabric Haul

Yesterday, Suzie and I took the girls and went to Paducah for what seems to be our semi annual shopping trip:) We went this time with the sole purpose of finding great fabric deals and lots of them and I think we succeeded. Our first stop was The Guild LLC on Broadway which we’ve been in before and I think it’s a wonderful place. The people are very nice, the selection is very nice and not only do they have fabric, they have all manner of crafty things. Yarn, needles, quilting supplies, sewing supplies, pattern books and magazines, and lots of fun things are offered there. They seemed to have more of a selection of yarn last year when we went, but they did still have some. It seemed to me like they had more fabric this year too, but I may just be remembering wrong. So, I didn’t need any yarn because I have plenty, but I was able to find some fabric that I love! I could have found many knickknacks and other things I wanted, but I refrained from looking at them (I didn’t want to have to resist anything, although I did resist a knitting book). The things I purchased there were:

06-30-07 From the Guild LLC

1. 2 Ribbons of Social Concern pink and white Breast Cancer Awareness FQ’s
2. 3/4 yd Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor fabric (the desserts on white) – this I could not pass up it is so cute!
3. 1/2 yd each of 2 1912 He Loves Me II fabric by Jackie Robinson – these are the blue with daisies and the yellow/blue/green plaid. They are going to be turned into a fabric box (hopefully) from Amy Butler’s book In Stitches.

06-29-07 Ducks at the park

After the fun time we had at the Guild, we went to the park and ate a picnic lunch and nearly got attacked by ducks (the geese decided to come see what the fuss was about when we were leaving). The ducks were very curious about what we had to eat, so we threw them a few crackers and one came right up to Taylor’s feet under the table and grabbed at her shoes. She didn’t seem to notice, but I moved her anyway. I didn’t get a picture of that one, but here are some ducky friends:)

When we left the park we headed to Hancock’s of Paducah where we spent a good part of our afternoon! We sorted through the 4.98 a yd bolt ends table and I found some of the things that I had been wanting to order…not at full price – Yay!! Then we began going around the store and I found some more great stuff and got some great deals. Here they are:

06-30-07 Amy Butler

Amy Butler Fabric: This is what I wanted!
1. 1/2 yd army and lime green print from the Belle line
2. 1 1/8 yd pink with large cream flowers from Lotus line
3. 3/4 yd brown with pink dots from Lotus line
4. 1/2 yd blue with gray, yellow, and white print from Lotus line
5. 3/8 yd pink pattern from Lotus line
6. 7/8 yd light blue floral pattern from Lotus line
7. 1/2 yd Chocolate with pink and white pattern from Lotus line

06-30-07 Alexander Henry Ballet

Alexander Henry Fabric: These are to make a dress for Taylor. I love anything with ballerinas…
1. 1/2 yd “ballet slippers”
2. 1 yd “royal ballet”

06-30-07 Fabric

Other Fabric:
1. 5/8 yd Bleeker Street by Michele D’Amore (aqua and olive floral) – this one is gorgeous:)
2. 1 yd Kimono Art 2 by M’Liss Rae Hawley (periwinkle and green flowers) this one has a vintage look to it and is so cute.
3. 1 yd Tulip Garden 2706 by Ro Gregg (khaki and gold dragonflies) – probably will end up as a bag lining
4. 1 yd Tickled Pink by Robyn Randolph (light blue with rose colored flowers)
5. 2/3 yd Girlfriends “Nuala” by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit (coral with magenta birds)
6. 3/8 yd white material (I don’t know what this is, but I got it for 22cents, couldn’t not get it)
7. 5/8 yd light blue flannel…I’ll never have too much solid colored flannel:)

After all the fabric fun we went to Hobby Lobby and I found a few ribbons and supplies that I needed…but no yarn (see how good I was!). Then we stopped in Old Navy and Gap for the sales and found some more great deals on clothes for the kids and even found a shirt for Kody (that he wore today, I can’t believe he actually likes something I bought!!) and a sweater for myself. It was a wonderful day of shopping and completely wore me out.

This week is freedom fest here and we were planning to go to the parade this morning, since Kristopher really loved it last year, but it was not a very pretty day when we woke up. It got better and we went to town this afternoon for a few things and stopped at the street fair. It wasn’t very exciting by the time we got there and there weren’t many people left around, but we did get to see the whole row of Corvettes. You could look under the hoods and they were really pretty. I forgot to take a picture:( Then Kristopher got to jump around in a couple of those big bouncy things that are full of air. He enjoyed that…Taylor was less than amused, but it was nap time and on the way home she fell asleep, so that I could write this post! Tomorrow I teach the one year old Sunday school class and I have to go figure out exactly what I want to do. Have a great day everyone!

06-30-07 Kristopher sliding (2)

06-30-07 Taylor

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