First Forray into Canning

Our weekend, in pictures since I don’t have time for words right now! My first canning was on Sunday afternoon. I made bruschetta and it looks beautiful. Hopefully it tastes great too:)


07-13-07 Kristopher & Taylor eating at VBS FFF07-13-07 Kristopher going up the hill inside the bouncy thing07-13-07 Taylor sliding at the VBS FFF!


07-14-07 Saturday Sky07-14-07 Grapes (1)07-14-07 Kristopher cleaning the wagon07-14-07 PLaying in the sand (6)07-14-07 Taylor (4)07-14-07 Making pickles (3)07-14-07 Taylor (12)


07-15-07 Bruschetta (1)07-15-07 Kristopher & Nigel (4)07-16-07 Booties for Corban Koster

Knitting that I didn’t work on, but that needs to be finished…

07-08-07 Solstice Slip Progress07-08-07 Briar Rose Progress
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