I did finish Taylor’s birthday present on time

At least most of it.

For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you may remember my ambitious goal of sewing/knitting a wardrobe for Taylor’s birthday present, which was an American Girl Bitty Baby. I was going to make all kinds of outifts and bedding and a diaper bag and anything else I could think of. I started several months ago and was able to finish 2 pants outfits and two dresses, plus the “mattress”, pillow, quilt and blanket for the cradle. She still needs a little ivory shirt and a nightgown that I have cut the pieces for, but haven’t started sewing and all will be done! Here are the pictures:

She loves her dolls and takes care of both of the new ones and the three little rattle-y dolls that she already had. I love watching her play!

Here are a couple of cute pictures to leave you with. I just love this one of Taylor, she was being cute and I think that is my favorite outfit that she has right now :) The one of Kristopher is from a couple of weeks ago, but I just got around to looking at the pictures from that game and I actually got him PLAYING! Yay! (he’s in the blue running straight for the ball)

Have a lovely day!

PS – I finished another sweater. The colors were too beautiful together not to make one, so this one is for sale if anyone is interested in it. I just love making these cute sweaters and I know someone needs it. Contact me, or leave a comment with email, for more information.

09-13-07 Pinwheel Sweater (2)

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