New chairs and UFOs

Last week I decided that I just couldn’t live with the way our kitchen chairs looked anymore, so I went to Hancock’s of Paducah hoping to find something cheap enough that I liked to re-upholster them. I looked through all the stacks of bolt ends (the stuff that is so much cheaper) and near the end found some lovely navy suede-y fabric that would match our kitchen perfectly! It wasn’t quite enough to do all 4 chairs, so I did have to go to the bolt and get a little at the regular price, but at least I got most of it on sale :) I still am not sure it is the “right” fabric for kitchen chairs, but I really like them and they were so easy to redo. So, the first picture is the pile of stuff I took off of the chairs…looks very ratty doesn’t it? The second is my chair all finished. I did them all in a couple of hours on Saturday, but my camera didn’t have batteries in it then. The hardest part was getting all the old staples out so I could recover them. I just used a big roll of new foam padding to make the pads underneath. What do you think of my new chairs? I’m obviously extremely happy with them!

10-17-06 Old Seat upholstery

 10-18-07 Tabitha's new chair
Here are a couple of recent cute pictures.
10-09-07 Kristopher 10-14-07 Taylor (2)
Next, I want to put up a list of my Unfinished objects. You can read if you’re interested (odds are you’re not!), but this is more of a list for me, so I can figure out what to do with them. If you’re on Knitting Daily, you know that Sandi has been doing some UFO polls this week, so I decided to get all mine out and respond and now I have to decide which ones I want to rip out and which ones to finish first. Here goes:10-18-07 Red-Pink UFOs
The first picture has my three red and pink UFOs…whoops I just remembered another pink one (I’ll list it even though it’s not in the picture.)

1. Burgundy wool Afghan, that was actually started by my Grandmother and since she really liked it and would still like to have it, I plan to finish it. So far I haven’t wanted to work on it and probably will still leave it in the UFO pile. It is a diamond pattern, I’m not sure which one since I didn’t want to dig out the papers (they’re with the rest of the yarn).

2. Somoko socks: I just started these on the 7th and I am getting close to the heel on the second sock, so they should be done soon. I really like these and think this yarn may be my new favorite. It is fleece Artist Somoko in the Mahogany colorway. Pattern is my own 64/60 stitch sock.

3. Cabled Cardigan sweater from one of the vogue magazines, I think it was last winter. I have been working on this for about a month and am taking a short break from it. I have the back done and am working on the left front. I like it and want to wear it, so I’m sure I will try to finish it soon. It still isn’t that cool here so I haven’t been in a hurry. Yarn is elann Peruvian wool in the antique rose color.

4. Rib Cable socks (from one of the Interweave Magazines, maybe in Favorite socks too). This is the one not pictured, though you may be able to find one in my archives around june. I finished the first sock and then got my June sock kit, which was about the same colors and decided to make those instead. So the second sock for these never got started. I do like them, and since they are half done, I will probably try to make the second one after I finish the Somoko socks.

This picture is all the other UFOs:

10-18-07 All other UFOs

1. Rococco Socks in Fearless Fibers sock yarn, Thoroughbred colorway. I really like the lacy pattern on these and love the brown and they are not that difficult, but I started losing my place because I was so distracted and I really don’t like the heel and toe and everytime I pick it up I think about how I will have to make that ugly toe and heel again for the second sock so I can’t work on them happily. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but I will most likely finish them the way they are. I don’t think I would rip out all that work just to change the heel and toe and I won’t make them different from each other. Now that soccer is over I might have a bit more of a chance to work on them, though I may finish the other 2 socks I’m working on first.

2. Purple Scarf. This is the scarf I had to start, because EVERYBODY was doing it and I wanted to make one too. I still do and I still like it, but it will go into the gift box and I just have low motivation if I don’t know exactly who it is for and don’t have a plan that way. It will get finished…someday! It is also Fearless Fibers sock yarn, can’t remember the colorways.

3. The brown Swallowtail shawl from Interweave Knits. I like this as well and thought that it would be for me, and it still may, but most likely it will go into the gift box with a yet unthought of recipient…So, Low Motivation. This one also needs more concentration than I normally have and I’ve been going to bed a little earlier which doesn’t give me as much child free time as I had before.

4. Pink and brown sock yarn hat for Taylor. This one was a bad idea and it’s going to be ripped back. She needs a thicker hat than that, it would take forever to make, the yarn broke several times while I was winding it, and I just don’t want to do it. Therefore it goes and she will get a nice worsted weight hat for now. Period.

5. Last is the Bryant’s slipover from Interweave Knits fall ’07. It is the online pattern that they showed in the magazine this time and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It is the project that I am currently working on the most, along with the Somoko socks. I’m not sure it will look good on me and I may not make the tie that is supposed to go around the waist, but I love the charcoal and pink that chose and it is such an easy pattern. And since it doesn’t have sleeves it shouldn’t take as long as the other sweater I’m working on.

Well, I hope that wasn’t too boring for anyone. The order I hope to finish them in is as follows:

Somoko Socks
Bryant’s Slipover
Rib Cable Socks
Cabled Cardigan
Purple Scarf
Rococco Socks
Swallowtail Shawl

Hat – never, Afghan – way later. I’m sure I’ll cast on some other things before all of those are done, but I want to finish at least 2-3 before I start anything else. The kids both need new hats and there is a dress that Taylor should have before she gets too big!

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