A mess of things

Well, I’d love to have some great reason for why I haven’t blogged for almost two months…but I’ve got nothin’!

We’ve been doing all the holiday things around here. Our Thanksgiving feast was wonderful and we ate yummy leftovers for several days. We spent Thanksgiving day at my in-laws and it was a nice relaxing day, even though I did half the cooking. It didn’t seem like much work this year. Then on black friday the kids and I decorated the house while Kody was at work. He didn’t have to work all day so it was nice to have a little time with the whole family. On Saturday we went to Central City to meet my dad and aunt and cousin for some dining out, swimming and hanging out overnight. The kids got to see their first theatre movie – A Bee Movie. It was pretty cute and I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again once it comes out on DVD. It was a nice weekend and a little break from the normal day to day around here!

The past week was pretty uneventful until Sunday. We had our Church Family dinner and hanging of the green. We have two Christmas trees and each family in our church hangs an ornament, then we have a big turkey dinner. It was a lot of fun, though tough on me without Kody (he was on call and had to be in Mayfield/Union City that night). I took my camera, but only took one picture that didn’t turn out very well. Tonight starts all the busy-ness of this season. I’m hoping to try to minimize that this year and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Tonight is the Women on Mission Christmas meeting and I’m sure it will be wonderful.

We have many programs for the kids coming up in the next couple of weeks. They are excited about Christmas too! We don’t do the whole Santa thing – we decided after a couple of years of it that we didn’t want to lie to our kids. Instead we make a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas day. Our kids still get an abundance of presents and have all the joy of Christmas and we all have more fun this way. We’ve been having some trouble with so many aspects of our culture lately and there are a lot of things that we feel our children don’t need to have in their lives. You may hear more about that in the future…I’m getting fed up with a lot of ridiculousness in this world though, just know that.

I have put my support behind a Presidential candidate for ’08. I was pretty sure who I wanted to go with, but now I’ve signed his site saying I will support him. Rudy Guiliani for President!

11-23-07 Kristopher & Taylor (9)

Last for today (I have a meeting to get to, remember?) we took Christmas card pictures of the kids last week. They are getting better at this every year!
And here is our dinner from a few nights ago, just because it looks pretty! We tried out some Chicken & Dumplings in the crock pot. The recipe was okay, but I would have prefered not to use the biscuit dough. I like the pasta-y dumplings better and don’t know how to make them. I think this particular recipe would have been really good as a chicken stew with egg noodles because the taste was right, the soggy biscuits just ruined the texture.

11-29-07 Chicken & Dumplings

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