Children’s Christmas Performance

Last night was the Children’s Choir performance at our church. First the 2-6 year olds (which both of mine fall into) did a little nativity and some songs. Then the 2nd grade -6th grade (maybe) did their play/musical. Kristopher was a shepherd and he is the one in the pictures with the very light (looks almost white) robe and headpiece on the left side, with the sheep of course! Taylor was a lamb, but unfortunately she slept through the whole performance and didn’t get to sing…not that she would have anyway. I have the little girl who stands there looking mean instead of singing. But she still could have been awake! Anyway, she was on stage – the lady behind the kids (Mrs. Patsy) held her up there while they sang. You can kind of see the front part of Taylor in one of the pictures. Apparently Kristopher was sleepy too because after every third line he yawned really big. Next year I’ll make sure they both take a good long nap before the performance!

Kristopher has another performance at school next week, but we are not making a big deal out of it since it is about Santa and Reindeer and we don’t do any of that stuff. I don’t want to encourage things we aren’t going to do, but I will go watch him sing.

I was able to go shopping all by myself on Saturday, in Paducah! Kody watched the kids so that I could have a day all to myself. I left around 11 am and got back at about 8:30…so it was a good long day. I hardly had to wait in line at all, even at the mall, which was nice and I was able to go to all the places that I wanted to without any whining or complaning or screaming! It was perfect and I am finished with my shopping, except for a couple of gift cards and movies that I can get at Walmart. I’m hoping to wrap a few of the things today. I need to get started with that so I don’t have to do so much on Christmas Eve. I love to wrap presents – It’s probably one of my most favorite things to do (other than crafty projects, of course).

Well, I guess I better go get started on something. I’ve got more baking to do too. We’ve almost finished off my first round that I did two weeks ago. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday!

PS – I got a really cool button last week that everyone should go get! If you’re an organization that would like to get lots, look here. I keep my button on my purse so that everyone knows it’s perfectly fine to wish me a Merry Christmas…none of that happy holidays junk for me!

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