Knitting Update

but, sadly, no sewing update. There hasn’t been any sewing around here for several months now, but hopefully there will be some soon.

I didn’t feel like knitting for the first couple of months of 2008, so there wasn’t any progress on the things that I hadn’t already finished. So some of the things (okay, most of them) that are in the picture are things that you have already seen.

05-10-08 WIPs (2)

The items you see are:
1. Bryant’s Slipover from Interweave (fall 2007?) – it was a free download when the magazine came out. I really want to finish this one, but I sure haven’t worked on it and am not likely to much this summer. It may be finished around 2010! This one is the pink and charcoal at the top.

2. Juno Regina is the orangy stole in the middle. I started this in November, and decided that I wanted to work on it this week, so I got to the end of the first diamond section. Now I am on the boring long stretch accross the middle. I hope to finish this sometime this summer. It will be very nice even though I have made some mistakes. I never go back on lace to fix the mistakes. I’m too afraid it will all come out and I’ll have to knit it all again, so the mistakes stay. I will rip back anything else to fix mistakes though – so maybe someday I will be fearless enough to rip the lace back… The yarn is The Plucky Knitter Lace in color Pumpkin Patch.

3. At the other top corner you see the first Violets Rising sock. This is a pattern from Knitspot with the Yarn4Socks club kit. The yarn included is from The Woolen Rabbit and is the Herb Robert colorway. I really like this sock, it was just put down during the I don’t want to knit right now time and I have started working on it a little bit again.

4. My Chevron Scarf, in the two purple sock yarns from Fearless Fibers, is coming along. I have actually worked on this quite a bit. I think it will end up being Taylor’s scarf since she likes purple now. That way I don’t have to make it quite as long either and I can make her some matching socks with all the leftovers! It is about half done.

5. Merino Lace Socks are the last thing up there. I have finished one and started the second, but it will probably be awhile before they get finished. I love the first one, I just don’t have much sock momentum right now. I’m sure as the cool weather gets closer again I will want to pick up socks and get them finished.

The real reason that I haven’t been working on these things more lately is because since I have wanted to knit again, I have wanted to knit BABY things! And I have done that:)

05-05-08 Booties for Yuri (2)05-10-08 Baby Pile (2)A Pinwheel Baby blanket of my own design is on the bottom. It is knit in Telemark from Knitpicks and I am planning to line it with something before using or giving it. The tomato hat is a pattern from Knitchicks and is knit with Caron Simply Soft and Lion Wool Ease. I have been craving tomatoes, so I had to make this. There is another hat with natural, yellow and blue stripes. It is 100% cotton and is very cute! I made a pair of lace baby socks – free pattern from The Loopy Ewe. The pair of booties are knit from Perchance to Knit sock yarn in the colorway Tabitha’s socks. I had some leftovers from my socks last year and I think these are my favorite thing:) The pattern is from the book Knitting for Baby (Stay-on-Baby Booties). The other lone bootie (whose mate is being made now) is a free pattern I found on Ravelry a few days ago. I am knitting them with LavenderSheep Silk Noil in Chocolate Raspberry. I can’t decide if I want to make ties with yarn or find some pretty ribbon for them.

You can tell I am assuming that this baby is a boy from that picture. Only one girly item up there. I have 2 days to get through and then I find out, so we will see!

The other two pictures there are of gifts I made for a friend from church who is having a girl in June. The booties are Saartje’s Booties and I want to make more of them even if I don’t have a girl. They are just so cute! I used leftover Socks that Rock lightweight – color Firebird, and some shell buttons from my button bag (of my Nana’s). The lemon hat is knit from Bernat Cottontots in Sunshine and is my own fiddling. I had to make this because she was craving lemons (not sure if she still is, but I still thought it would be cute). I wanted to make a little shirt that said “little lemondrop”, but just didn’t have the time to plan that out and figure out how to do it right. Anyway, she loved them and they were a hit at the shower!

I will save all the catch up pictures and more info for another day. I have uploaded them all though, so it shouldn’t be as difficult to sit down and write. And I’ll come back Monday for sure to make an announcement! We have our second to last soccer game of the spring today (and pictures). For some reason, I’m kind of looking forward to the season being over this time. I usually wish that soccer lasted all year, but I’m just tired this time. Kristopher is doing well though and I’m sure he needs a break so that he doesn’t get burned out. School is almost over for the summer too. Only a week and a half left. There are so many things going on at school – it almost seems silly that they are going for another week, since most of it is fun playing type activities. Oh well, I am planning to be there quite a bit so that I can have some fun too. Tuesday will be a busy day for me, so if anyone wants to pray that I don’t pass out that would be lovely! There is a Volunteer breakfast, for all the people who have volunteered this year, at 7:30 and then at 8:30 I am going on a field trip with Kristopher’s class to the LBL Nature Center (lots of walking, I’m sure). Then that night is the last PTA meeting for the year, which I don’t want to miss. Anyway, I’ll be busy that day.

I guess I’ll save something for another day. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and a great week next week!

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